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01 March 2017

Bethlehem University Signs a Partnership Agreement with the International Consortium for Islamophobia Studies 

Bethlehem University announces the signing of a partnership agreement with the International Consortium for Islamophobia Studies, which is a global academic network dedicated to the study of the structural exclusion of Muslims from civil society and to the practices of violence towards them. Hosted by the Center for Race and Gender, Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project, University of California, Berkeley, (Berkeley, CA, U.S.A), this Consortium consists of research centers, academic institutions, think tanks, and community-based initiatives from around the globe that examine one aspect of Islamophobia research or another.

Prof. Jamil Khader, Dean of Research, pointed out that this agreement would introduce and promote an incipient scholarly field in the academy, offering the Bethlehem University faculty and research communities an opportunity to network with other researchers across the globe and foster joint research different aspects of Islamophobia. This opportunity can have tremendous impact on the collaborative research of interested faculty members in this area and help develop graduate students mentoring. Prof Khader also indicated that the Consortium is willing to coordinate, when needed, summer research institutes on Islamophobia and provide academic training in the topic, in addition to providing moral and material support to the faculty.

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