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14 March 2017

Green Energy Workshop for Students from the Faculty of Science 

From February 6 to 9, 2017, the Faculty of Science hosted a group of Italian scientists from Sunshine4Palestine to hold a workshop on Green Energy for fifteen students from different departments in the Science Faculty. As part of the workshop sessions, students were able to conduct experiments and create projects out of scraps and recycled materials. On the last day of the workshop, around 70 students from 4 nearby schools (ages 6-17) were invited to observe projects and experiments that the Science Faulty students performed under the supervision of the Italian scientists. The aim of this event was to introduce students to Green Energy and to get them interested in science.

The workshop was organized as a pilot project to explore the idea of sending students from the Faculty of Science to local schools to perform experiments for younger students in the future. Through Sunshine4Palestine, the Faculty of Science was able to establish a connection with the European Physical Society (EPS) Young Minds Project as a step towards developing relationships with international organizations.


Green Energy Workshop

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