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Tuesday, 9th February 2016, First Day of Spring Semester

Bethlehem University Administration has come to an arrangement with the Teachers and Employees Union of Bethlehem University over issues which had caused a series of strikes and so the proposed strikes over the next few days have been called off. Classes to start the Spring semester will begin on Tuesday 9 February 2016.  Please spread the word. 

Because of the two and a half weeks of classes lost during the Student Senate disruption, in addition to today’s strike called by the Employees’ Union, the semester will be extended, which means the dates for the final exams and graduation will be pushed back. The calendar taking in these adjustments is published on the Bethlehem University website. If there are further loss of days it will be impossible to fit in the summer program and that will be cancelled. 

I look forward to the semester running smoothly and students having the chance to benefit from what Bethlehem University offers. Students are reminded to have their university identity card with them when entering the campus. 

Best wishes 

Vice Chancellor 
Brother Peter Bray FSC, EdD


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