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29 July 2015

'Know Thy Heritage' Participants Visit Campus

As part of the “Know Thy Heritage” program, a group of Palestinians from 10 different countries visited Bethlehem University to meet and interact with local Palestinian students. The  “Know Thy Heritage” is an annual leadership program developed to preserve the Palestinian heritage, to connect youth of Palestinian ancestry who live in the United States and elsewhere with their roots in Palestine.

Upon arrival at Bethlehem University, several students welcomed the delegation and immediately connected with them, some asking about the towns of which they trace their roots back to, perhaps in the hopes of establishing a connection, others interested in their field of study. The group was welcomed by the Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, Br. Peter Bray, who said he was glad they took the opportunity to connect to their country and also spoke about the vital role that Bethlehem University plays in Palestine.

The group spent a few hours on campus before departing to a nearby refugee camp. One Bethlehem University student said: “It is your mission to talk about us, about what you have seen of our struggles and hope”.






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