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30 September 2015

Holy Land Commission visits Campus

The Equestrion Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ) has a Holy Land Commission whose members visit the Holy Land twice yearly. On the 29th of September, Mr. Thomas McKiernan, Professor Bart McGettrick and Dr. Heinrich Dickman were received by Brother Stephen Tuohy, Vice President of Advancement.

The EOHSJ is an international Catholic order that supports Christians in the Holy Land. In the last 20 years EOHSJ has contributed more than $6 million for projects and scholarships at Bethlehem University. During the visit, six current EOHSJ Scholarship recipients met with the Commission Members to explain what their scholarships mean to them.

The students said that despite the challenges they face in Palestine, they want to continue to live here. In addition to their continued support to Bethlehem University and its students, the visitors announced the setting up of a new Endowed Scholarship from the legacy of a deceased member of the USA-Middle Atlantic Lieutenancy.


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