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27 October 2014

USAID-ASHA representatives visit Bethlehem University

On Friday 23October, Bethlehem University hosted two USAID representatives to further discuss the grant that was recently approved by the USAID-ASHA program to help renovate Bethlehem University’s Library.

Ms. Mary Herbert, the ASHA Africa and Middle East Team Leader, and Ms. Martha Dye, representing the USAID Office of the General Counsel-ASHA Program, met with Bethlehem University’s Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray, and the Vice President for Advancement, Brother Stephen Tuohy. There were also a number of senior faculty and administration staff at the University present during the meeting.

Following lunch at the training restaurant of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, the visitors enjoyed a campus tour followed by a meeting with some Bethlehem University students. The students shared with Ms. Herbert and Ms. Dye their hopes and concerns for the future, saying that they would like to continue their studies with MA and PhD programs.

The representatives also toured the Mount David property, which Bethlehem University is developing for the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism as part of the University’s Strategic and Facilities Master Plan.

USAID granted Bethlehem University 1,575,000 dollar through its ASHA program as a contribution to the Library Renovation Project, a project that is budgeted at 2,900,000 dollars.


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