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17 October 2014

Said Khoury, Palestinian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Dies at 91

Bethlehem University mourns the passing of the prominent philanthropist Said Khoury, one of the founders of the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), on the 15th of October in Athens, Greece.  

Said Khoury’s daughter Salwa Khoury is a member of Bethlehem University’s Board of Regents and the head of Dubai Friends of Bethlehem University.  Her father was a true patron of higher education in Palestine.

Said Khoury was born in Safed in 1923, and studied at the American University of Beirout where he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering. Khoury and his cousin Hasib Sabbagh founded a small construction company upon their return to Palestine. After the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, both men and their families fled to Lebanon where they continued their business. CCC transformed into a multinational giant, and currently operates from Athens, Greece.

Throughout his life, Said Khoury has helped Palestinians at large and in the diaspora through his support for charitable organizations, hospitals, and schools. His latest initiative was the Bethlehem Development Initiative (BDI), a project intended to restore and rebuild Bethlehem.

Said Khoury is survived by his children Salwa, Tawfiq, Samer, Wael, and Timaa Khoury.


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