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01 August 2014

Bethlehem University Mourns Graduate, Killed by Israeli Military

With much regret and sorrow, Bethlehem University mourns the death of its graduate, Hashem Khader Abu Maria ’95 who was killed by an Israeli sniper on Friday 25 July 2014, during a nonviolent protest against the ongoing Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, shortly after the noon prayers, hundreds of Palestinians began to march from the central mosque in Beit Ummar, North of Hebron, along the main street, in solidarity with the people in Gaza.

People of all ages joined the march and they were chanting slogans in solidarity with the Palestinian civilians in Gaza who has been under continuous shelling for three consecutive weeks. According to eyewitnesses, the Israeli military shot live ammunition deliberately targeting the demonstrators.

The eyewitness said “Most of the shots were at chest level resulting in the murder of two other men. None of the men were holding any rocks or any kind of weapon or posed any threat to the Israeli soldiers.”

Hashem Abu Maria, was a Bethlehem University graduate of Social Work at the Faculty of Arts.  He worked for the Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI).

Hashem is survived by his wife Samira, his son Ayham, 11, and his two daughters, Siba, 6, and Majdal, 13.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Executive Council, Faculty, Staff and Students of Bethlehem University, we pay deepest condolences to his wife and children and family and friends for the loss of Hashem.


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