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02 October 2014

World Bank delegation visits Bethlehem University

A delegation from the World Bank visited the University on the first of October, as the University looks to raise considerable funds to develop the Mount David property purchased in 2013.

World-Bank-MDThe World Bank delegation was joined by Mr. Ali Abu Srour, Director General of the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Mr. Issam Juha, Director of the Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP) and Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem. The delegation toured the Mount  David property and were explained the educational and commercial purposes of the several buildings.

After touring the former hospital building and Handal House, which is exemplar of classic Palestinian architecture, the delegation headed to the University campus. Mr. Chris Faisandier, the University’s advisor of planning and business development, presented the educational plans, emphasizing the importance of expanding the vocational training program of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, which could be realized at the Mount David property.  Representing Brother Peter Bray, who was travelling abroad, Brother Stephen Tuohy, Vice President for Advancement, introduced the financial plans to develop the property into an academic and a vocational training hub in Palestine.

World-Bank-BUMr. Junghun Cho, who headed the World Bank delegation, emphasized the need of the full support of the Palestinian Authority for the project. On his part, Mr. Abu Srour ensured the delegation that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has been working with the University on realizing the development of the Mount David property. Also, he added that “the plans of Bethlehem University fit into the Palestinian Authority’s quest to have students graduate with the correct vocational skills and academic qualities required of them by the Ministry”.

Members of the World Bank delegation underlined the importance of the University’s plans for vocational training as a means to create employable graduates and stressed that vocational training is a key component of the World Bank’s strategy as it looks for ways to improve the connection between education and access to employment.

Mr. Cho expressed his hopes to continue the conversation with Bethlehem University concerning the realization of the new Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism at the Mount David property. 


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