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6 October 2013

Forty years of knowledge empowerment and liberation

Bethlehem University announces the start of it 40 Years Jubilee Celebrations

On 6 October 2013, BethlehemUniversity announced the start of the 40 Year Jubilee celebrations.  Over two hundred people gathered for the mass which was held in the auditorium on Sunday.  The celebrant of the mass was His Excellency Most Reverend Giuseppe Lazzarotto, the Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine, the Chancellor of BethlehemUniversity.

A number of prominent figures attended the mass including Her Honor Ms. Vera Baboun, Mayor of Bethlehem, who is a graduate of BethlehemUniversity.  Baboun is the first female to become Mayor of one of the most important cities in the world, the city of Bethlehem.  His Excellency Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, Latin Patriarcal Vicar in Nazareth and Most Reverand Father Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custodian of the Holy Land, were also among the attendees.

The celebration started with a processional led by the Del La Salle Boy-Scout group – Bethlehem from the main De La Salle hall to the auditorium.  The bagpipe band of the Scouts group played both the Palestinian National Anthem and the University Anthem prior to the start of mass.

In his welcoming speech, Brother Peter Bray, FSC, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University reaffirmed the commitment of BethlehemUniversity in providing quality higher education to prepare the coming generations to build a prosperous future of Palestine.

 “Quote from Brother Peter I like the quote where he said, that he would like those who will celebrate the 80 anniversary of Bethlehem University, to look back to pride on what has been achieved in the second 40 years, as we are proud with the achievements of the first forty years.”

In his homily, his Excellency Archbishop Lazzarotto emphasized the important of the presence of BethlehemUniversity in The Holy Land, as the only CatholicUniversity.

“We celebrate the divine gift and not only for the anniversary, it's really beautiful the presence of the University of Bethlehem." "It's a moment for prayer and meditation by the word of God and that inspired them the strength to understand the importance of the task entrusted to us the message of education."

Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President spoke after mass about the spirit of the Jubilee and the theme for the year of the Jubilee, Knowledge, Empowerment and Liberation. 

Dr. Sansur said, “As an institution of higher learning, it is only befitting that knowledge is foremost in the theme chosen for this Jubilee.  For forty years we believe, here at BethlehemUniversity, that we have been transferring and producing knowledge rather than merely delivering information.”

And added, “With a good reserve of knowledge, Palestinian youths, as with youths everywhere, gain a main source of security in this world.”

Dr. Sansur then gave some explanation about the Jubilee Mosaic and the Jubilee emblem which were designed by a faculty member and a student, respectfully.

Ms. Samar Ghattas, instructor of fine arts at the department of Humanities designed the Mosaic which was implemented by Palestinian Mosaic artist Imad Dudeen with the help of five university students.

The Jubilee emblem was designed by Mr. Fadi Saleh, graduate of Bethlehem University in 2013 of the Computer and Information Systems department.

After unveiling the mosaic everyone were invited to a reception organized by the students of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism of Bethlehem University.

Bethlehem University is planning a number of events for the coming year as part of its celebrations of the 40 year anniversary.  The events include cultural, artistic and scientific events, in addition to activities for the students and alumni, most of which will take place in Bethlehem where as some will take place in the USA.


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