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04 September 2013

Faculty of Nursing: A common language for a better teaching and learning process

The Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University organized a two-day Preceptorship workshop for both faculty lecturers and the clinical instructors who supervise Bethlehem University students during their clinical practice. The activity aimed at enhancing communication between clinical instructors and the faculty by creating a common language.

In her opening speech on Monday, 3 September, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Ms. Mariam Awad, welcomed a gathering of about 40 nurses from hospitals and medical centers throughout the West Bank for a series of workshops to take place at the Dr. Anton Sansour Hall in the Social & Cultural Center of Bethlehem University.

Dean Awad stressed the importance of the workshops and their potential to enhance communication between Bethlehem University and clinical instructors as well as to ensure a better learning process for students.


The workshop coordinator, Mr. Naji Abu Ali, also addressed the gathering about the characteristics of a good preceptor and facilitated a group discussion about case analysis as a basis for improving methods of communication and conflict resolution.

Meanwhile, Ms. Etaf Maqboul, a member of the workshop organizing committee, also intervened in drawing attention to adult education and how awareness of the various learning styles involved could be channeled toward creating a more efficient learning experience.

On the second day of the workshop, an entire session was devoted to the Clinical Training Rules and Regulations, during which Ms. Mariam Awad gave a presentation dealing with the importance of ensuring full implementation of the rules and regulations particular to the clinical training process.

Ms. Maha Fatho, a Nursing faculty member, spoke about the need to instill medical ethics and moral sensitivity in student nurses as they prepare for their future career. Also, as a member of the organizing committee, Ms. Francoise Daoud addressed the audience about proper methods of evaluation and assessment of their students so as to guarantee a fair evaluation procedure.

At the end of the workshop participants received certification for their attendance, and special thanks was given to Eyes Solutions Medical Company for sponsoring the two-day workshop. The Faculty of Nursing is planning to hold a conference for students conducting research in the field of health care – the first of its kind in Palestine.


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