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23 August 2013

New Academic Year Brings Hope During Bethlehem University’s 40th Jubilee Year

“What will this new Academic Year bring?” said Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University. “You do not know; I certainly do not know. All I know is that its is a year of hope: hope for peace and justice not just in Palestine but in the troubled lands around us; hope for success and joy; hope that we continue not just to exist but grow and develop over the next 40 years as we approach Bethlehem University’s 40th birthday.”

Dr. Sansur’s remarks were delivered to nearly 300 members of the Bethlehem University faculty and staff as they gathered to pray before for their annual faculty and staff meeting just a few days in advance of the new academic year.

Dr. Irene Hazou, Vice President of Academic Affairs, called on Deans and departmental chairs to introduce new members of their departments who have joined Bethlehem University’s academic and administrative bodies.

In his opening speech for the year, Vice Chancellor Br. Peter Bray announced his intent to focus on the need to promote better programs in education that enhance the learning process.

Reflecting on the need for such improvement, Br. Bray said, “When I welcomed the 40th group of new students walking through the gates of Bethlehem University, I was thinking of how those students would look back at their experience at Bethlehem University after graduating.”

“I want them to be able to look back with
gratitude for what they have experienced, Br. Bray said, “to be inspired by what they have they experienced, and to have a sense they are prepared for something that is going to enable them to contribute to Palestine.”

After the introducing of  new faculty and staff members to the BU community, the faculty proceeded to where a reception was being held to celebrate t new academic year, and an invitation was extended to all who wished to celebrate with them.

During the reception, Br. Peter Bray and Dr. Michael Sansur participated in a ceremonial cutting of a cake to commemorate the 40th Jubilee Year of Bethlehem University.



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