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27 December 2012

Jordanian toursim experts praise BU Hotel Management Faculty

Jordanian Tourism Board visit BUOn Friday, November 2nd, 2012 Bethlehem University was the fortunate host of Mr. Khaled Kelani from the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan. Mr. Kelani, Office Manager from the representative office of the Jordanian Tourism Board met with Mr. Nabil Al-Mufdi, Director of Hotel Management at Bethlehem University. Joining them was Mr. Ramzi Shehadeh a resident of Palestine and who himself is in the tourism industry and Mr. Rene Zambile a Tourism faculty member.

As they sat down for lunch in the hotel management, Mr. Kelani proudly spoke about the growing tourism industry in Jordan and of the recent achievements the country was witnessing the last few years. Furthermore; Mr. Kelani emphasized about the many challenges ahead but assured his hosts that the high Spirits and hospitality of his country will only help to overcome any hardships and keep the industry flourishing. On his part, Mr. Al-Mufdi expressed gratitude for this very unique and wonderful visit and highlighted the importance of having a faculty of tourism and hotel management in Palestine, a country well known for its rich historical and religious diversity.

Mr. Kelani commenced the role of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Bethlehem University for providing a well qualified students to serve this important industry in Palestine.

One can attest to the words of Mr. Kelani by visiting their website “” which is a very sophisticated site filled with wealth of knowledge. One can be optimistic that in the future it will be easier for both Palestinians and Jordanians to travel back and forth more conveniently, for at the end, one cannot truly say they have explored the Middle East without visiting sites like Petra, Jerash and the other beautiful attractions in Jordan.

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