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Communications Office

18 February 2019

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In this issue:

Advancement Office

We would like to bring to your attention items about Bethlehem University that have appeared in the news recently. They have been uploaded to our website. Please follow the links below if you're interested in reading them.

اختتام برنامج احتضان 10 مشاريع ريادية ناشئة في بيت لحم - جريدة القدس

حاضنة بيت لحم تختتم برنامج احتضان 10 مشاريع ريادية ناشئة - وكالة معا الاخبارية

حاضنة بيت لحم للأعمال تختتم برنامج احتضان 10 مشاريع ريادية ناشئة - سوا

حاضنة بيت لحم للأعمال تختتم برنامج احتضان 10 مشاريع ريادية ناشئة - شبكة فلسطين الإخبارية

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Dean of Research Office

  • We are pleased to invite you to the second meeting in the BU Research Group Workshop series which will focus on the applicability of settler-colonial theories and perspectives in different fields and disciplines. The meeting will be held at 11:30 am Feb 21, 2019, in L005.

  • You can follow the latest updates on Call for Papers, and Grants and Fellowship Opportunities on the website of Dean of Research.

  • Please, find below an updated link to the New Faculty Accomplishments. Please, keep sending us your accomplishments so we can share them with BU community: 

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Department of Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Department held a training session for a group of students from different high schools in the Bethlehem governorate in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Bethlehem. The goal of the session was to prepare students to join the “Student Programmer” contest. There will be several other weekly sessions as part of the Department’s services for the Palestinian society.

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Department of Arabic/ Media

Chairperson of the Arabic Department Dr. Said Ayyad presented a critical discussion of the Arabic book "Ana Al-Ishq wa Minka Al-Matar" by William Voskerjian at the Beit Sahour Cultural Divan. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Hani Odeh. A number of writers, poets, media professionals, musicians, artists, and academics attended and had extensive discussions.

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Department of Physics

The Physics Department and the Science Faculty organized a workshop on 3D printing. Lectures were given by Dr. Michael Rosenthal from Dresden University of Technology. The workshop was organized through a bilateral cooperation project between Germany and Palestine.

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External Academic Relations Office

We would like to draw your attention to the "latest announcements" listed for this week. They can be found under the External Academic Relations Office heading at the following link: here for more information 

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