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Dean of Research

Undergraduare Student Research:


We invite you to keep an eye on research papers and projects that reflect high quality and innovative research in all the disciplines, and to encourage your students to consider publishing their research in the many international undergraduate research journals out there.

Collaboration between undergraduate students and their faculty mentors is just an axiom of academic culture all over the world. The faculty and staff at Bethlehem University are no exception: They develop meaningful interactions with their students, boost their morale and confidence, and help them extend their knowledge and research skills beyond the classroom and traditional coursework.

Research, however, is incomplete until it is published, and there has been an increasing emphasis in recent years on the value and importance of undergraduate student publications. Undergraduate students are viewed as full partners in the production and dissemination of knowledge in their respective disciplines.

This provides students with the valuable opportunity to be fully immersed in the values, best practices, and controversies of the profession they have chosen to join. It also inducts them into all aspects of professional academic culture, including the publication and dissemination of knowledge.

In our commitment to promote and support a culture of excellence in research in all disciplines at Bethlehem University, we invite you to encourage your students to communicate their research results with the wider academic community by publishing high quality research projects and papers in the numerous undergraduate research journals around the world.

Please, share with your students the following link to a multidisciplinary list of undergraduate research journals which you can find on the website of the Council on Undergraduate Research or UCR:

Should you have any further questions about undergraduate student research and other appropriate undergraduate research journals in your field, please do not hesitate to write back.

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