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Dean of Research

Action Plan


 The Office of the Dean of Research is deeply committed to encouraginghigh quality research in all centers, departments, and colleges at the University. Through the allocation of internal research grants, the Deanship of Research provides researchers with seed funds to develop their research output and scholarly activities and explore potential collaborative partnerships with the public and private sectors in Palestine.

This office also offers up-to-date information about Grants and Fellowship Opportunities, upcoming Conferences, Lectures, and Call for Papers, to keep researchers abreast of current developments and scholarly activities in their fields.  In cooperation with the library staff, the Deanship of Research also provides lists of peer-reviewed journals in both Arabic and English for faculty and staff where they can conveniently locate appropriate venues for the publication and dissemination of their research and scholarship.

In collaboration with the Research Council, the Office of the AVP, and other University offices and centers, the Office of the Dean of Research sets research policies at the University and provides guidelines to ensure that all research is conducted in conformity with internationally accepted ethical standards. 

In conjunction with the editorial board of The Bethlehem University Journal, moreover, the Deanship of Research strives to shape the research agenda at the University and offer researchers and scholars a high quality venue to publish and disseminate their work, including work that receives funding through the internal research grants.

The Office of Dean of Research provides training workshops, colloquia, and individualized mentoring opportunities to help scholars and researchers maximize their research output. In these workshops and seminars, participants explore the nature of the research process; the new modes of knowledge production that are grounded in alternative research methodologies and critical and indigenous theories; the nature of the writing process as well as devising a personalized writing agenda; and examine best practices in getting published, from understanding disciplinary conventions in writing, through the analysis of journal article abstracts, to contacting editors. These workshops also serve as venues to bring researchers together and build long-term support networks that can stimulate new synergies and collaborations among faculty and staff.

In this regard, the Office of the Dean of Research and the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learningare co-sponsoring a Research Fellow Program on Teaching and Learning (T&L) that aims at providing a number of interested faculty members with opportunities to enhance their research skills in the field of research in T&L and develop their research portfolios and scholarship records. In conjunction with the Office of External Academic Relations, we are also exploring grant opportunities through ERASMUS and other programs to offer training in research methodologies in general.


The Deanship of Research is proud to celebrate the scholarly accomplishments of the faculty and staff at Bethlehem University and making them highly visible in the community. In recognition of excellence in faculty research, we will continue offering the annual Junior and Senior Outstanding Researcher Awards to honor and celebrate the professional achievements and scholarly productivity of its faculty and staff.


Furthermore, this Office has designed various new online features such as Faculty Accomplishments and Faculty Spotlights, which share the many achievements and the inspiring stories of faculty and staff at BU. We will also display artifacts and other items, representing all forms of scholarship produced by BU faculty and staff, in a glass showcase that will be housed across from the Executive Office in DeLasalle Building.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the work we have been doing to support the mission and vision of Bethlehem University and serve the Palestinian people.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and for your help and support in enhancing the diverse research initiatives at Bethlehem University.

And as always

Omnia Sunt Communia

Dr. Jamil Khader

Dean of Research

Professor of English

Editor, The Bethlehem University Journal


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