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 “Quality Work is Better than Quantity”: the Presence of

 Student-Assistants at the Library



The orientation meeting for students joining the work- study program and accepted in the Library for the Spring semester 2020 was held on February 13, 2020.

The meeting started by welcoming the participants and presenting the inspirational speaker to the attendees.  This year’s speaker was Jozeph Qumseya, a Bethlehem University graduate and a graduate of Sapienza University in Italy and Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He was also a former student assistant and now currently working at the Finance Office as Financial Analyst. Mr. Qumseya spoke to our working students about his experience working at the Library and encouraged them to continue working alongside their studies because it gives them experience in time management. They can also learn from Staff in managing their time; they can increase their knowledge by reading books in their spare time.

 The orientation program consisted of a briefing of the students on the various duties in the Library especially the book shelving system using the Library of Congress.  Furthermore, they were shown a ppt. presentation about the Library, its services, the various Staff members and the duties of a student assistant in the Library.  At the end of the meeting, socialization followed where refreshments were served. Here are some photos depicting what transpired during the meeting.







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