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Featuring two Rare Books from the Special Collections,

Turathuna Library

  A. Palestine, the Land of Three Faiths by Philip Graves

Published for the first time in 1923, this book is authored by Philip Graves, once a correspondent (in Constantinople and Palestine), a staff officer, a member of the Arab Bureau (among other posts that give him credit for this historical account). In naming his book as the country or the “land of three faiths” one’s reading could be “coloured” as mine was with a religious underpinning. The author, however, says it clearly in his preface:“In this account I have laid special stress on the politico-geographical importance of Palestine as one of the key points on the line of communications between West and East… (p.3).

Hence, in doing some further reading, the book in fact, covers topics of special interest to historians and unwittingly also contains issues that can spark controversy, an area I am not capable of elaborating myself.

This book is now digitized; see no. 19, DS 126 G7 in the list of Digitized books.

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