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Kawther El Issa, Bethlehem University Alumna,   at the service of her community      

Dr. Kawther El Issa graduated from Bethlehem University from the Faculty of Nursing in July 1993. Eager to be more qualified and effective in her service to the community, Dr. Kawther continued her studies and took her Post Diploma at Bethlehem University completing the course in 1997.  Determined to be better and to do more, she pursued her masteral and doctoral studies overseas.

Below is her published doctoral thesis submitted to Sahl Grenska Academy, Institute of Health and Care Sciences.  This book entitled “Children living with type 1 diabetes and congenital heart diseases in the West Bank, Palestine,” speaks of Dr. Kawther’s significant contribution to the field of child health nursing, especially of children’s chronic diseases.

We invite you to take time out to read this book, a scientific study springing from experience and efforts to serve and improve the community.

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