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Secretary to the Library Director: Ghada Hadweh

Journal/Periodical Services Library-Staff-in-Charge: Miral Nasser





Teaching Team, in charge of giving the Library Skills Course – Coordinated by Juana Juha; the rest of the Team are Vera Koussa, Valerie Rock, Dina Massad, Mirna Zoughbi & Miral Nasser


Student-Assistants Team – Coordinated by Valerie Rock and assisted by Sister Rose Amacanin, Miral Nasser, Sana Salsa, Ghada Hadweh and Juana Juha


Library Liaison Team – Juana Juha, Vera Koussa, Valerie Rock, Sister Rose Amacanin


Digitization Project Team – Mellie Brodeth, Miral Nasser, & Sana Salsa


Turathuna Team – Mary M. van Teffeleen, Dina Massad, Mary Claire Habash & Mirna Zoughbi


Library Update Editorial Team – Mellie Brodeth, Dina Massad, Miral Nasser & Valerie Rock


Professional Development Team – Sister Rose Amacanin, Juana Juha, Miral Nasser & Mellie Brodeth


Library Administrative Team – Mellie Brodeth, Juana Juha, Valerie Rock, Vera Koussa, Sister Rose Amacanin




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