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The Economic System in Palestine

This digitised book in Arabic entitled: “The Economic System in Palestine” was printed in Beirut as early as 1939. It was edited by Saed Hamadeh, who was the instructor of practical economics at the American University of Beirut. It is the third book of three comprehensive economic researches published by the Research Department of the Social Sciences at the American University of Beirut.


The book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the systems and economic conditions of the countries of the Arab Near East (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine), including their inhabitants, natural resources, capital equipment, agricultural, industrial, commercial, and financial system during that time.

During the period it was published, six points can be highlighted to show the book’s significance at that time:

  1. To pave the way for extensive research in particular aspects of the economic life of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine;
  2. The above mentioned countries will be led to organize programs for long and short term during the period the book was written;
  3. To guide leaders in these countries and to help achieve cooperation among different economic groups;
  4. To help strengthen the economic relations among the Arab countries;
  5. It can be used as a textbook for teaching or used as a reference;
  6. It is of historical value and can be used in the future as a basis for interviews and assessments.

In order to conserve this now rare Palestinian book found in the Special Collections section of the Turathuna Center, the Library Team converted it into digital format which can be accessed on the following link:

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