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Student Assistants Enjoying Work Study Grant At the Library 

The annual meeting-orientation session for the Work-Study Program of students assisting at the Library was held on Thursday, 19 September 2019. This year’s inspirational speaker addressing the students was Alex Hadweh, (BU’15), a faculty member at the “Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Business Administration Department.”

Alex explained how, during his time as a student, he worked at different areas in the University one of which was the Library in addition to being a member of the student ambassador’s team. He explained how the Library became his second home because he spent most of his time either working or studying here.  He asserted that work at the Library expanded his horizons about education and that the university is not only about studying but about engaging in university life, building relationships and establishing communication through being active and participating in the different activities.  With all the activities he engaged himself in, he managed to graduate with a high GPA and was offered a scholarship to pursue his Master’s degree at Lewis University, also a Lasallian educational institution.

He told the students that they are privileged to be part of the student body at Bethlehem University, in particular, because the atmosphere in the university favours equality and respect for the dignity of each person. Students and Faculty establish long-term friendly relationships, an essential component  of the Lasallian mission. The photos below show the student workers listening intently to Mr. Alex Hadweh; in another scenario, they are being given orientation by Valerie who coordinates the Team.   




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