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CHUCHI  (Concepcion) PACIA

10 December 1936 – 24 January 2014


“You  will  be  sorely missed… Thank  you  for making a  difference  in  our lives…”

On 6th February, Thursday, Brother Joe Loewenstein, President Emeritus along with members of the Teresian Association offered a memorial Mass for Chuchi (RIP). The Mass was presided by Father Peter Du’brul, SJ and participated in by friends and faculty/staff of Bethlehem University.


Chuchi served at Bethlehem University  as the Director of the Library from the years 1978 to 1983, after having earned her Master in Library Science, funded by Bishop John G. Nolan, (at that time Msgr. Nolan) Director of the Pontifical Mission.  A member of the Teresian Association, she was one of the faithful pioneers serving the people of Palestine from the very beginning of the University.

It was through the spirit of these pioneers—students, teachers, secretaries and staff — that the University is what it is today.

When asked for any comments about her, after such a lapse of time, these are some of the adjectives used to describe Chuchi:

‘her good memory, her friendship , her leading personality’, ‘a terrific person’, ‘fond memories of her’, ‘great respect for her as a person also for her many talents’, ‘ I always respected and admired her’,  ‘our dear old colleague and friend Chuchi, she was an important part of our lives at BU’, ‘she pioneered the upgrading of the Library into what it is now’.


Brother Joe Loewenstein, President Emeritus


may  she  rest  in  peace…


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