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Library Liaison Team (LLT) meeting

This year 2013 -2014, the Library Liaison Team (LLT) meeting was held on the 10th of October, Thursday, at 11:00 AM at the Library Lower Level. The LLT encounter with teachers is an annual meeting that provides a channel of communication between the Library and the various Faculties/Departments for the purpose of improving Library resources and services.

Present were 15 teacher- representatives from different Faculties/Departments who were provided with up-to- date information on the latest developments in every section of the Library. The Heads of the Arabic, English, Periodicals and Circulation, Audio-Visual, and the Reference sections shared relevant information about the Library addressing the needs of teachers in particular. In this year’s meeting the LLT members also included the proposed Library refurbishment and the representatives watched a video for this purpose. There was a positive response from the representatives with the proposed new changes.


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