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Needs Assessment

What is needs assessment?

Needs assessment is the process of measuring the extent and nature of the needs of a particular target population so that services can respond to them. It is a valuable tool for informing the planning process.

Needs assessment clarifies what the problem is and why it exists, before creating solutions; it should focus on the needs of the target groups.

What is needs assessment for?

  • Collect useful information that can inform our decisions.
  • Link the results we want to accomplish to our decisions about “what to do.”
  • Consider our alternatives and options.
  • Verify that our activities will lead to desired results.
  • Create consistency in decision making by implementing systematic processes.
  • Assist in delivering effective services in the future.

How we can help?

Needs assessment research has been one of our main areas of focus. We design and implement needs assessment research projects for better decision-making. Our experience helps clients discover needs and identify opportunities.

At ICP, we implement needs assessment research to help for profit clients understand where there are gaps in the market or product line.

We also conduct needs assessment research to help nonprofit organizations and governmental organizations understand where the greatest needs exist among their constituents.

ICP delivers needs assessment research for a wide variety of clients which:

  • Highlight problems with products or services.
  • Identify the social and public needs of a community to create a community profile that will assist agencies in delivering effective social, health, and other services in the future.
  • Determine the services currently available in a community and identify gaps that exist.
  • Identify the underserved areas that are not currently receiving needed services.
  • Collect information from surveys and focus groups concerning needed services, gaps in services, and underserved areas.

Area of Expertise

ICP has conducted needs assessments with variety of organizations in a variety of areas. Some of the areas where we conduct needs assessment research include:

  • Business sector
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Public sector

Training Needs Assessment

Whether you are a human resource generalist or a specialist, project coordinator, field officer, or supervisor you should be adept at performing a needs assessment before starting your project or activity.

ICP has developed training on how to conduct needs assessment and provide justifications for your decisions before they are made and make more informed decisions about how and when to use needs assessments in support of your program or project objectives.

The training will provide a foundation in the following concepts:

  • How to develop assessment instruments such as surveys and questionnaires
  • Understanding where needs assessments fit in the project development process
  • Basic steps in conducting needs assessments