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Organizational Evaluation

Organizational evaluation or assessment measures, compares, and analyzes the coherence between results and specific objectives, and between specific objectives and general objectives of institutional projects, programs, or plans. Evaluation is an important aspect of improving the administration in any organization. It plays a very important role in helping the managers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. It can act as an instrument to create confidence and generate support of the people for research programs, and put forth their activities in a transparent and effective way to its shareholders.


Benefits of Organizational Evaluation

Employee assessment plays a vital role in building a good rapport and cordial relations between management and employees. Employees will have the opportunity to share their problems, conflicts, perceptions, and achievements. Organizational evaluation also helps managers to learn more about an employee’s motivational level in the organization. The most important advantage of organizational evaluation is that it generates reliable information, which then becomes a valuable experience and is very useful for future planning, establishment of priorities, and resource allocation.



ICP, as a leading national institute, offers organizational evaluation services to private, public, and nonprofit organizations, investing long years of experience, qualified experts, and a diversity of evaluation tools.