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Women Debate

The Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute in cooperation with the Palestinian Women's Research & Documentation Center and the UNESCO established a forum for women debating leadership. This forum is prepared for women from Bethlehem District who work in administrative positions at NGO's, educational organizations, health organizations, etc. The forum started on 3 October 2009.

The forum is 36 hours, it meets twice a month, 3 hours per meeting.

Main topics of the debate:

  • Paths to create ethical cultural leadership.
  • Psychology of Leadership
  • Dialogue
  • Communication
  • Leadership within a multi-cultural social perspective
  • Women Leadership motives
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Dealing with crises
  • Planning skills
  • Sharing roles between men and women
  • Women's practical & strategical needs
  • The Arab Muslim and Islamic thought.
  • Western feminism including French and American and ethnic American.
  • Feminist discourse
  • Feminist struggle

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