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Student Senate Workshop

From 6-8 July 2007,  Dr. Na'el AbdelRahman, Dean of Students,  Ms. May Jaber, Assistant to the Dean of Students, and Brother Peter Iorlano, Coordinator of Institutional Values and Chairperson of the Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute Think Tank conducted a pilot workshop for the Bethlehem University Student Senate.

With encouragement from the donor organization, Catholic Relief Services, the workshop was designed to explore students' understandings and practices of leadership.  The aim of the workshop was to promote inclusive, participatory and responsible leadership within the Student Senate at Bethlehem University.

Approximately 31 students representing each of the Palestinian political factions were represented at the workshop.  During their time together and through specific ice-breaking activities students had an opportunity to get to know one another better.  They got to see each other beyond the confines of their political allegiances and began to discover strengths and weaknesses among each other.

The workshop was a learning experience for all involved, students and presenters. Through various activities and presentation, the participants and presenters reflected on and discussed their understandings of the individual person and how persons behave in groups.  They discussed the role of trust and respect in working together and trying to exercise influence for the purpose making changes for the common good.  Some of the skills needed for communication and cooperation were practiced and examined.  Different theories of leadership were presented and students were asked to develop a working definition of leadership based on their understanding.

Furthermore, the Institute is setting up a research team in order to conduct studies on the theme of leadership. The team consists of teachers and graduates of Bethlehem University.

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