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Leadership Skills

Bethlehem University's Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute has celebrated the graduation of the Arab Orthodox Scout Troop Members who participated in the "Leadership Skills" workshop that was prepared and presented by Dr. Yousef Zaknoun, and Ms. Ghaida' Rahil. The participants were the Ranger (the older group of scouts) and the leaders of the Scout Troop. The graduation ceremony was part of the annual camping celebration of the Arab Orthodox Scout Troop.

On 1 August at Beit Jala the graduation was attended by; a representative of Patriarch Theophilos III Archbishop Theophylaktos, the Commissioner of the Scout groups in Palestine, the heads and members of the associations of Beit Jala, the scout troop's leaders and members of Bethlehem District as well as the scout member's parents.

Most of the participants of this workshop were BU graduates or current students.




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