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Leadership Program for youth

The Institute has provided several classes and workshops for youth from from the university as well as from the surrounding communities.

From November 2011 – May 2012, a Youth Leadership class met every second Friday for three hours a week. Participants included students from Bethlehem University and the Arab Educational Institute. Class topics included communication, personality assessments, theories of leadership, and community involvement. At the end of each course, participants were awarded certificates of completion.

A three-day workshop on leadership was provided in January 2010 in conjunction with May Jaber, the Assistant to the Dean of Students’ Office, for 26 students from Bethlehem University who volunteer as New Student Orientation Counselors. Addressing the topics of conflict resolution, responsibility, commitment, and trust, the workshop used an experiential approach that involved reflection on theory, allowing students to identify their strengths and explore several elements of various leadership models and theories.

A Leadership Skills workshop was offered in the summer of 2009 for members and leaders of the Arab Orthodox Scout Troop from Beit Jala. The graduation ceremony was integrated into the annual camping celebration, and was attended by a representative of Patriarch Theophilos III Archbishop Theophylaktos, the Commissioner of the Scout troops in Palestine, heads and members of associations in Beit Jala, and families of the participants, most of whom were students or alumni of Bethlehem University.

A pilot workshop for the Bethlehem University Student Senate was held in July 2008 in order to explore the student leaders’ understanding and practice of leadership. This workshop was planned cooperatively among Dr. Na’el AbdelRahman, Dean of Students; May Jaber, Assistant to the Dean of Students; and Brother Peter Iorlano, Coordinator of Institutional Values and Chairperson of the Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute Think Tank, with encouragement from Catholic Relief Services. Approximately 30 students participated in the workshop, representing all of the Palestinian political factions. The workshop gave them the opportunity to see each other beyond the confines of their political allegiances such that they began to discover their own strengths and weaknesses. 

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