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Leadership Program for Educators

In order to promote a foundation for ethical, democratic leadership throughout Palestinian society, CMLI is committed to developing the leadership capacity of educators, both at Bethlehem University as well as in the surrounding community.

Two leadership forums were offered for the academic leaders of Bethlehem University, including faculty deans, chairpersons, and the Executive Council members. These two-day sessions were held at the Intercontinental Jericho Hotel in November of 2008 and 2010. The first forum addressed the importance of bringing Leadership Education into conscious awareness in order to build a personal approach to leadership. The second forum was entitled University Leadership: Exploring Systems, Discourse, and Agency, and was conducted by visiting lecturers from Maynooth University in Dublin, Ireland.

The Institute has also conducted workshops for local primary and secondary school education at the Patriarchate Schools in Beit Jala and Beit Sahour, the Frères School in Bethlehem, and St. Joseph’s School in Bethlehem. In addition to providing guidance for communication with colleagues and students, these workshops address the role of the teacher as a leader, in the classroom and society.

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