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Leadership Programs for Church Leaders

CMLI supports the development of leaders within the Church, in Palestine and around the world, and has provided programming specifically for Christian leaders.

In September 2009, a course entitled Leadership in the Church was conducted for 19 students from the Latin Patriarchate Seminary in Beit Jala in the autumn of 2009 as part of their seminary curriculum. This 24-hour course discussed how to lead in the Church, the qualities of a Christian Leader, the Christian vision of leaders, leadership in the Old and New Testaments, and the examples of St. Peter and St Paul as leaders in the ancient Church.

Another Leadership in the Church course began in June 2010 for Catholic laypersons from Haifa and the Galilee. After 37 hours of sessions that concentrated on leadership in local churches, 35 laypersons were awarded with certificates of attendance.

In support of Bethlehem University’s commitment to nurturing the Christian presence in Palestine, in March 2010, CMLI co-sponsored a Symposium on the Presence and Mission of Christians in the Middle East, along with the university’s Department of Religious Studies. Two major documents produced by Middle Eastern Christians were discussed: the Lineamenta and the Kairos Palestine document. The proceedings of this symposium were summarized by Bethlehem University and can be found at


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