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Hereditary Research Lab Acquires ‘Next Generation Sequencing’ Machine

In the Middle East, consanguineous marriages (inbreeding) are quite common. These marriages increase the chance that both members of a couple will carry any recessive variant present in the family, and transmission by both parents will likely result in severe recessive disease in their children.

New genomic technologies are now enabling the Hereditary Research Lab (HRL) at Bethlehem University to research the molecular basis of many genetically inherited Palestinian abnormalities. Bethlehem University has received Paralleled Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)  technology in the form of the NextSeq 500 Platform machine. This technology has accelerated the base of genetic research. It allows a systematic approach towards genetic defects and thus provides answers for potential risk, diagnosis, tailored therapy and prognostic indicator. 

The purchase of the Next Generation Sequencing Machine has been generously funded by the Arab Bank and others.



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