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The François Abu Salem Symposium

Bethlehem University, together with Ifpo, the Institut Français, the National Palestinian Theatre and the Palestinian Theatre League, opened the symposium on the 2nd of February that questioned writing, acting,  performing, and representing/stage setting practices in the contemporary Palestinian theatre. 

The aim of the symposium was to provide opportunities for academics and theater practitioners to question the past, the present and the future of the Palestinian theatre experience in the light of its specificities, challenges and status. The symposium  also aimed to provide a meeting platform for artists, theatre practitioners and scholars to reflect and discuss on the current situation of the Palestinian theater.

On Tuesday, Abdelfattah Absrour, a Bethlehem University faculty member and representative of the cultural center Al Rowwad, openened the program. Writer Radi Shehadeh, the Consul General of France, the Minister of Culture, and Bethlehem University’s Vice President for Academics each shared their thoughts on the importance of theater in Palestine.

The symposium took place at Bethlehem University during the rest of this week and saw scores of actors, theater specialists, and local community leaders participate.  



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