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13 May 2016

Educational Business Market at Bethlehem University

The annual inauguration of the Educational Business Market began today, Friday 13 May, at Bethlehem University. 4th Year Business students organized the day’s event and were eager to promote and market their products.

Dr. Fadi Kattan, Dean of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration, began the opening by stating that today’s event was part of the academic requirements for graduation. He stressed that through such activities, students will learn the intricacies and the practical requirements in conducting business. At the end of the event on Sunday, students will be evaluated based on their performance, sales, and customer satisfaction. Dr. Kattan thanked the students for all their hard work and sleepless nights in order to organize today’s event. He also made it a point to thank the numerous companies that offered a helping hand, as well as their products to the students today. In addition, the Dean thanked the media sponsor of the day, Ma’an News.  He asked the attendees to enjoy themselves and offer feedback in order to help the students and the faculty improve the quality of the Business Market.

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor of Bethlehem University, FSC, EdD, welcomed the audience to the Business Market and expressed his hope that they will be impressed with today’s event. Brother Peter then spoke of the quality learning experience that the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business offers its students. He explained that, since the majority of learning takes place within the classroom, such practical experiences were of particular importance due to the fact that they allow students to put to use the skills they have learned throughout their in-class studies. Negotiation, marketing, and sales accountability are some of the skills he mentioned that the students will have to use throughout the event. He also stated the importance of the Business Market in allowing the greater Bethlehem community to engage with Bethlehem University. Finally, Brother Peter Bray express his hope that, given the capabilities of Bethlehem University’s students, the stores and booths will run out of products by the end of the day.

Brother Peter Bray and Dr. Fadi Kattan then conducted the ribbon-cutting ceremony to an applauding crowd and welcomed the day’s guests to the Annual Bethlehem University Business Market.

The auditorium was packed with visitors including many staff and students from the various faculties, as well as a large number of outside visitors. The numerous booths were filled with excited Business students, eager to market and sell their products. A myriad of commodities which included everything from snacks to food, beauty products and even mattresses were on display and available for sale. 

The Market will be open Friday- Sunday from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

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