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8 December 2015

Using iPads in Palestinian Education

Two faculty members of the English department participated in the 8th International Pixel Conference for ICT in Language Learning in Florence, Italy on 12/13 November 2015.

Raphaela Fischer-Mourra and Shada Shahin presented their research paper titled “Liberated Spaces: The Use of iPads in Higher Education and the Possibility for Change” in which they posit that iPads can be catalysts in the true liberation of young Palestinian minds. Their study found that integrating iPads in the curriculum could enhance creativity, civic engagement and create committed critical thinkers who can develop “transnational literacy” concerning social, economic, and political realities. Education for liberation involves any project that requires students to step out of the metaphorical box to ask critical questions, think creatively, and consider innovative solutions to these problems. 

The presentation received a standing ovation from the audience, which included ICT professionals, and other academics from different countries around the world. At the end of the presentation, the audience commended the speakers’ “fresh take on the issue” and “daring, yet powerful” presentation.   

The study Mourra and Shahin conducted was a result of a year-long pilot project at Bethlehem University, in partnership with Diak University in Finland, in which iPads were utilized in specific English language courses to examine the ubiquitous role iPads can play in the lives of students, turning them into active agents responsible for their own learning and empowered speaking subjects who are able to share their own authentic accounts as Palestinians against the mainstream discourse which obliterates the Palestinian narrative.





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