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15 August 2015

Cardinals and Bishops Visit Campus

The annual Assembly of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE), bringing together the Presidents of all the Bishops’ Conferences representing 45 nations on the continent of Europe, is taking place in the Holy Land for the first time in its history at the invitation of His Beatitude Fouad Tawl. Several attendees of the Conference, including His Eminence Cardinal Peter Erdo, His Eminence Cardinal Dominik Duka, and a group of bishops paid a visit to Bethlehem University.

Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray welcomed the guests and introduced them to Bethlehem University, its campus and the student community. The delegation arrived near De La Salle Hall, learning of the significance and historical ties of the De La Salle community to the University. A brief stop at the Chapel of the Divine Child introduced the group to the beautiful art that adorns its walls.

As the visit drew to an end, students shared their future dreams and aspirations. Student Lara Kasbari said she hoped to become a teacher after her graduation and inspired the visitors with her passion for education, saying she would like to have a positive influence on the future generation.



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