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5 December 2014

Quartet Envoy Tony Blair visits Bethlehem University

On December 3rd, the Quartet Representative  Tony Blair visited Bethlehem University and met with several senior University officials. The visit’s purpose was to present the University’s latest development plans, especially with regards to the Mount David properties where  the Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management will be based and run a training  hotel and restaurant.

Tony Blair was welcomed by Vice Chancellor Br. Peter Bray and Executive Vice President Dr. Michel Sansur, as well as Br. Stephen Tuohy, Vice President for  Advancement, and Mr. Youil Anastas, the Vice President for Finance. 

Brother Peter Bray gave an overview of the University’s curriculum and the development plan and talked about the impact of the University on Palestinian society. He also pointed out how the Office of the Quartet Representative has helped the University to coordinate with the Palestinian private sector and donor institutions and ministries. 

Tony Blair praised Bethlehem University’s employment focused approach to education and said he appreciated the University’s inclusion and utilization of the private sector’s knowledge and opportunities. This is particularly true for the training of qualified staff to work in the tourism sector, one of the most important sectors in the Palestinian economy. 

The Quartet Representative's visit to the University was his first stop on his tour of Bethlehem, where he met with the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Rula Maiah, and the Mayor of Bethlehem Vera Baboun.


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