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18  December 2014

USAID and Bethlehem University Launch New Hospitality Curriculum

On Thursday, December 18th, Bethlehem University and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launched the University’s hospitality vocational training modules curriculum. USAID partnered with Bethlehem University to develop the vocational training curriculum that is designed to complement the existing academic programs available from the Bethlehem University Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism. It is specifically designed for the Palestinian tourism industry and will help provide high quality tourism services. The event took place at Bethlehem University and was attended by Bethlehem University Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray; Minister of Tourism, Ms. Rula Maayeh; USAID West Bank and Gaza Mission Director, Dave Harden; and representatives from the tourism industry.

USAID invested more than $150,000 and provided technical assistance to the University in order to develop this curriculum which the University’s Hospitality School will start teaching in the next semester. The curriculum includes 25 courses designed to provide practical training in different segments within the tourism industry. The aim is to enhance the training capacity of the tourism service industry and to train graduates to provide high quality services across the hospitality sector and prepare them for the market needs.

Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray said he appreciated the cooperation with USAID and expressed the hope that the new curriculum will work towards people feeling welcomed and comfortable during their stay in Palestine. USAID West Bank and Gaza Director Dave Harden said that “Bethlehem has everything going for it” and that he was sure that better hospitality standards will make people want to keep coming back to the cultural, historical, and artistic experience of Palestine.

The vocational training curriculum is a first step towards establishing a fully equipped training institute that will provide sustained leadership in training the tourism industry front-line staff and entrepreneurial leaders of the future to ensure the industry has the development capacity it requires.





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