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24 November 2014


Bethlehem University first university in the region to use iPads in teaching

In cooperation with Diakonia University of Applied Science in Finland, the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning is leading a pilot study that aims to explore the impact of using iPads on students’ learning process. Five teachers and 78 students from the English Department and the Occupational Therapy Program are involved in this project in which they received training on iPad applications and use. Since April 2014, the teachers in the study have worked closely with Dr. Rabab Tamish and Mr. Philip Daoud on restructuring their courses in order to integrate the use of iPads in classroom activities. In addition, all teachers are considering their involvement in the project as an opportunity for conducting Action Research projects, in which they collect evidence on the effectiveness and challenges of using iPads in teaching at Bethlehem University.

The project team hopes that the results of this pilot project will contribute to Bethlehem University’s efforts to enhance the integration of technology in teaching. The project team ultimately aims to realize a situation in which the iPad becomes a supporting teaching tool for all courses at Bethlehem University.   






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