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31 October, 2012

“Education is our only Hope,”  Bethlehem University Student tells a group of EOHSJ Knights

Discussion with BU Students at the Furno HallBethlehem University was the lucky host to a group of visitors from the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of the Southwestern Lieutenancy during the late morning of Wednesday, 28 October, 2012. Br. Jack Curran, Vice President for Development; Mr. Demitri Awwad, Guest Relations Officer; and Ms. Shahinda Nassar, Development Officer all welcomed the group.

Visibly happy to be on campus, the group delighted in the opportunity to meet some Palestinian students before heading back to the U.S. Most groups visit holy sites and places and only interact with staff members they meet at a hotel or a souvenir shop; a visit to Bethlehem University, however, is an entirely different experience, with the group members having a unique opportunity of meeting young students who happily share some of their hopes and dreams.

Archbishop Paul Coakley, who visited the Holy Land twenty five years ago as a priest, returned for another journey to see many new developments and changes since his last trip. Bethlehem University was honored and proud to have welcomed His Excellency and the group members whose presence here reassured the students that their struggles, aspirations, and hopes are being heard very clear.

During their discussion with some of the students, members in the group encouraged the students to remain steadfast in their pursuit of education and to keep a clear and positive perspective on their future in spite of all the difficulties that they face. At the conclusion, one student quoted, “education is our only hope!”


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