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Success Story

Each year, the Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences   select some of its nursing students to participate in internship exchange program between Bethlehem University and international universities.

This year, we ( Hazar, Safa, Abed, and Enass) were  honored in a trip to Chile to do  a one month internship training at a Catholic University in the city of Santiago.

We arrived in Santiago on 2nd  of July2017, we were welcomed by Miss Maria Fernanda Awad from Belen 2000 Fundacion. She accompanied us to the Chilean family " Hazboun " who has Palestinian roots that hosted us during our stay there. The next day she took us to Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC) where we met the coordinator of exchange program.

Chile experience was amazing, it acceded our expectations. Many new things were learned, not only in nursing field but also in cultural, historical, social and recreational fields.

During our training, we had lectures about healthy sleep, hip dysplasia, baby massage breastfeeding importance and others. We also visited many health centers, related to significant health issues and we visited  many departments in both public and private hospitals  such as the pediatrics, neonate, operation/recovery rooms, cardiology, urology, neurology departments.  We had an orientation round through these departments and observed how nurses deal with patients.

Besides to its educational purposes,  the people there tried their best to   introduce us to  their culture and organized many  recreational activities such as visit to  the ocean, snow skiing on t the mountain, visits to different  museums, and many other activities. .

In the end, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to Bethlehem University Mrs. Mariam Awad, Dean of the Nursing Faculty for granting the opportunity to participate in this amazing exchange program, from which we all learned a lot.

In the same time, we appreciate and thank BELEN 2000 Fundacion and staff for their warm welcoming to us, and of course all those we've met from coordinators, lecturer, trainees, etc.  To them we say thank you for the nice moments.

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