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News and Updates for the Month of October 2013

The Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences organized the following activities during the month of October 2013.

1. Workshop about “Spiritual Healing” which was held by doctors from Germany and Finland.  Representative from different health organization, faculty and students were attended this workshop.

2. One day workshop training for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on Tuesday, 29 October in Dr. Sansour Hall.  This training targeted the senior nursing students who are enrolled in the advanced medical surgical nursing course both in BU and Qubeibeh programs.  This training included both theoretical and practice sessions and ended by a post test in the theoretical component and a practical test for each student.  This workshop was organized by Ms. Etaf Maqboul and Mr. Naji Abu Ali who teach the course.  All of the clinical instructors who supervise the senior students in the clinical participated in this training (Ibrahim Hilweh, Ibrahim Asafreh, Moh’d Jabali, Zaher Hodrob, Rami Halayka).

3. On Tuesday 29th October the psychiatric hospital and the Occupational therapy 3rd year students, held a bizarre to highlight the clients work in the occupational therapy department. Dean Miriam Awad attended with many other dignitaries and guests. This event is part of the hospital director, Dr. Mohammed's vision to see the hospital as being an open and integral part of the community.

4. The Physiotherapy program hosted Dr. Lesley Dawson’s from Monday, 7 October to Friday, 11 October.  Dr. Dawson spent one week at the Physiotherapy program in Bethlehem University providing:

1-  Workshop: On October 8, 2013, Lesley provided a one day workshop about the clinical practice and clinical reasoning in the Furno Conference   Room.  All the healthcare institutions that the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy students practice their clinical field work at were invited. A total of 22 participants attended the workshop. Their feedback was very positive. Educational materials were distributed to all participants’.

2  - Dr. Dawson provided her assistant as an External Evaluator for the Physiotherapy Program:  Mr. Saadeh Al Sahouri and Dr. Thafer Jarrar provided Lesley with all the material she needed regarding the program including the current curriculum and the modified curriculum that they have been working on.  Dr. Dawson based her evaluation for the program on the previous external evaluation that was done by Dr. Jack Crosbie during 2008.

3 - Field Clinical Visit:  A visit was made to Life Gate Center in Beit Jala, one of the facilities in Bethlehem where the PT program send their students for clinical practice.  She interviewed the Physiotherapy clinical instructor and the director of the facility, and received feedback on the process used in the clinical field work and the cooperation between the university and their center.  Life Gate until today date has hired eight graduates from our university.

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