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Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Opportunities and Challenges


The Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University conducted with the efforts and the management of the 4th year nursing students under the supervision of the coordinator of the Nursing Management Course, Mr. Naji Abu Ali, on Tuesday, 11/4/2017, a workshop under the title, “Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Opportunities and Challenges”. The aims of this workshop were to strengthen the relationship between the academic and health institutions in the field of planning and cooperation, realize the role of health institutions in developing their cadres, identify the obstacles and challenges facing the health and academic institutions during the development of their cadres, build cadres capable of serving the Palestinian citizens better with higher quality, identify the history of the infection control system and how it was developed and the importance of following its basics and to identify the instructions that are important to the cadres working in the health institutions to adhere to in order to maintain the best anti-infection system. In addition, the workshop aimed to develop the administrative capabilities of the 4th year nursing students in the nursing management course.

The workshop included three sessions in which the first session included a welcoming speech towards the coordinator of the course, Mr. Naji Abu Ali, where he welcomed the guests and explained the importance of this workshop to them and in turn thanked all those who contributed to the success of the workshop who were made up of representatives of students, supporters and financiers. Dr. Peter Bray, Vice President of Bethlehem University, emphasized the importance of the workshop concerning the educational course in enhancing the relationship between educational and health institutions and encouraged the process of continuous education and development. He also expressed his great pride in this workshop, which served the goals and vision of Bethlehem University in serving the Palestinian community with a message of thanks to the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, staff and fourth year nursing students.

Mrs. Maryam Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, referred to some of the activities of the Faculty such as the simulation laboratory and its role in reducing medical errors and bridging of the assistant nurses and the high diploma program which specializes in palliative care for cancer patients. The Deputy Governor of Bethlehem, Essam Al Hayek pointed out the role of continuing and maintaining development and the development of strategic plans in order to resolve some important issues and support vocational training institutions that are compatible with the local market in order to create jobs for the unemployed. He also emphasized the continuity of communication between the province and the university for development and progress. The first session ended with a speech by the representative of the fourth year nursing students, Aya Sulieman, who underlined the importance of the management course and workshop in enhancing the abilities of students and also emphasized the importance of teamwork in the success of such projects.

In the second session, Mr. Naji Abu Ali gave a lecture about the role of health institutions in continuing education and some of the challenges facing these institutions. At the end of the session, he presented topics and questions for discussion about CPD. Mrs. Etaf Maqboul also gave a lecture regarding the role that the academic institutions should perform in continuing education in order for it to be developed in all universities.

In the third session, Mr. Khalil Najm, head of the Infection Control Committee at Makassed Hospital, Dr. Rabia Adwan, Director of the Infection Control Unit at Makassed Hospital, and Mr. Jihad Khair, Coordinator of the Simulation Laboratory at Bethlehem University all gave lectures about the historical background of infection control, antibiotic misuse and multi-drug resistance and health care acquired infections (bundles) respectively.

The sessions included a presentation of five videos prepared by the nursing students, including interviews with the nursing faculties deans in some Palestinian universities, interviews with nursing directors at some Palestinian hospitals, a role play made up of fourth year nursing students on wrong practices that increase the transmission of infection between people and how to wash hands properly and a video about the simulation laboratory at Bethlehem University and its importance and what it can offer such as training for students of nursing and other cadres of nursing and medical institutions. In addition to a video which included the best moments and the most important activities experienced by the nursing students during their four years of education.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Naji Abu Ali gave a closing speech in which he thanked the audience for the last time and emphasized the importance of such workshops and gave out certificates to all the lecturers and attendees of this workshop.

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